Debt Mutual Funds

Everything You Need to Know on Investing in Debt Mutual Funds

A spate of payment defaults and bankruptcies have crippled the average mutual fund investor’s confidence when it comes to investing in debt instruments. Investors do factor in risk and volatility in some debt mutual funds but almost never in liquid funds, low duration and ultra short term mutual funds. In this post, we shall examine the different types of debt instruments, which works best in what situation, risk in debt instruments, taxation in debt funds and the debt mutual funds you can seek to purchase.

NIFTY Next 50 Index, ETF and Mutual Funds

A Comprehensive Investor Guide about NIFTY Next 50 Index

NIFTY Next 50 represents companies listed on the National Stock Exchange which are 50 of India’s biggest companies beyond the companies that are part of the NIFTY 50. These NIFTY Next 50 companies represent 12-13% of NSE’s total market capitalization and are often viewed as the emerging bluechip companies i.e. businesses which are geared to become industry leaders and drive additional wealth to investors in those companies. The NIFTY Next 50 Index has gained much popularity over the last 3 years with the rise of midcaps and a bull-run in the Indian bourses which has been running since 2014