Market Trading Hours for Equity, MFs, Currencies & Commodities

Stock Exchange Trading Hours and Timing

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) follow the same stock market timing or trading hours.

The market timings are different for the equity, mutual funds, currency and commodities.

Market Trading Hours for Equity

Trading on equities takes place from Monday to Friday except on holidays declared by the stock exchange. These holidays are declared in advance and list of the same is available at 2019 Holiday List of Stock Exchanges

The stock exchanges have two sessions for equity trading – a) pre-open session and b) regular trading session. Here are the timings of these sessions –

Market Trading Hours for Mutual Funds

While mutual funds orders for purchase, redemption and switch can be placed at anytime during the day, the transactions shall be effected only during a particular transaction window (also known as the cut-off time)

The cut-off time depends on the type of transaction (purchase or redemption), type of fund (equity or liquid), time at which the purchase is made and the amount of purchase.

Below is a table which gives you different scenarios and how the mutual fund companies will treat it from a value date or NAV (net asset value) date perspective

The working days of mutual fund companies mimic the stock market working days as explained earlier in the blog post. You can also refer to the 2019 list of holidays for stock exchanges for a list of non-working days (other than Saturdays and Sundays)

Market Trading Hours for Currencies

The market timings for trading in currency derivatives segment at the NSE are –

Market Trading Hours for Commodities

The market timings for trading in commodity derivatives at the NSE are –

  • Open : 09:00 hrs
  • Close : 23:55 hrs

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